Compete with Yourself

Compete with Yourself

Don’s lawn looks excellent as you drive by. It is much better than the neighbor’s lawn and you would think everything is clicking along just fine.

On closer inspection the health of individual plants is a bit different story. The first thing I notice is a slight variation in color across the lawn. As I walk across the lawn it feels corky spongy like an old thick pile carpet – not the lush softness of healthy turf. I cut into the thatch layer with my knife and really have to work to get down to the soil. Wow! 3/4” of thatch. I’m surprised this lawn isn’t looking a whole lot worse.

Video of Don’s Lawn (3:42)

I really am happy with the success of this lawn.

At the same time there is plenty of room for improvement.
The moral of the story, “…To compare yourselves among your selves, is not wise.”

Compete with Yourself. On your on turf.