Reeling From The 3-Punch Knock Out

Reeling From The 3-Punch Knock Out

What REALLY happened to lawns this summer?
“As great as last year was for grass-growing, this year has been horrendous,” Nancy Bosold from the Penn State extension office in Berk’s county wrote an excellent article addressing this summer’s issues. Nancy includes a handful of painful lawn photos. She continues, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, ‘Is it dead or dormant?’ and ‘What is causing all those brown patches’? “

Here is my experience of what really happened to lawns…

The 3-Punch KO (6:11)

Video Summary

The 3-punchs:

  • One week of 80 degree temps in early spring initiated a “false start” and the grass had to revert to dormancy for a few weeks before the normal spring warm-up. The second startup had much less carbohydrates to work from. I haven’t discussed this theory with a scientist yet and feel that there is something to because lawns that had been fertilized last winter started great on the first warm up, but on the second startup the lawns acted as though they hadn’t been fertilized at all last fall. Remember how little we mowed this spring? Maybe it was just lack of rain.
  • Early summer served us 3 weeks of 90 plus temps with no relief at night which baked lawns to a crispy crust.
  • Mid summer delivered lots of rain, hot, and wonderfully humid nights which setup a perfect environment for disease damage.

If it doesn’t rain soon, our crispy crusts will soon be burnt offerings.
I’m thinking we all need a Trouble Area Rejuvenation Program, our own T.A.R.P. Next time I’ll talk more on that!

Remember, Overseeding is just like tucking your kids to bed!