Prep the Battlefield

Prep the Battlefield

3 Steps to take back your lawn.
So our lawns are looking a little shabby right now and we haven’t gotten a lot of rain this fall yet.
What can we do to take back our lawns so that we can look like last year?

I’ve got basically three things I have been doing to lawns in the last couple of weeks to get ready for the areation and overseeding later this fall.

Prepping the Battlefield (4:14)

Video Summary

The 3 Steps:

  • Take a soil test. Agri Analysis in Leola is the best place in Lancaster to get your soil analyzed. Put my e-mail on the top right of the form at the “extra copy to” field and for FREE I will give you my thoughts on what your lawn needs this fall yet. When you drop off the soil test e-mail me right away so I know how to contact you when the test results come in.
    Agri Anaylsis, Inc.
    PO Box 486
    280 Newport Road
    Leola PA 17540
  • Kill The weeds. Use Weed-B-Gone to selectively kill clover and dandelion while sparing your good grass or use Round-up if you want to overseed more quickly. Remember, Round-UP kills everything in sight on contact.
  • Spread a slow release fertilizer. P.L. Rohrer’s (Roher Seeds online) formulated a custom mix 25-0-10 just for WiseGrass! Now YOU can get a 50lb bag of the WiseGrass 25-0-10 formulation for under $35. If this runs out go with their stock 24-0-11 which is around $25 for a 50lb bag.
  • For extra Credit: Fill in your low spots with topsoil.

Plan your Aeration and Overseeding for anytime in October.