What Can I Expect in Five Months?

In five months school will be starting and your lawn could be making you sick, especially if you spent $500 on it already – even if you spent $500 with WiseGrass.

Lawns are living organisms – a whole village of organisms. We are asking them to be perfectly green year-round after being cut down every time they get a little too high. They really want to wave around at two or three FEET tall!
So… let’s wash some myths out of our gutters and understand realistically what to expect from a premium lawn service program.

This is a modified e-mail response

I offered to a prospective guest who commented, “I want to make sure we don’t have unrealistic expectations.” What a refreshing approach!

Good morning,

(Stick with me. This could get long winded.)

Your yard most likely needs a whole year to turn it around. A lot of progress will be made initially, and then it will level out over the summer months. In a few months most of the weeds will be knocked down and decent grass will have started. However, the lion’s share of recovery will happen from September to November. The lawn strengthens from there.

To sustain a “crazy green” lawn long-term, we need to constantly nurture it at a high level. Golf courses are monitored and maintained daily. With the Unlimited Service Plan we visit your lawn six to eight times per year (more if needed) and do one to three applications per visit, depending on the need. When we quit feeding and maintaining at a high level the lawn begins to decline within months to a year afterward. Lawn care is a commitment not a quarterly campaign.

The challenges in your yard: The pH is low, and there is lots of shade in the front yard, and the traffic from kids playing is a minimal issue. Knocking out the Bermudagrass is a longer battle.

If you go with the Unlimited Service Plan this is what I predict:

(Don’t get lost in the details)

March/April: Crabgrass control and fertilizer (and spot treating broadleaf weeds) will knock down a big portion of existing weeds and keep new crabgrass from germinating.
May: Overseed the worst thin and bare spots, spot treat broadleaf again, fertilize again, and apply lime according to the soil test recommendation. It is difficult to predict how much of the spring overseeding actually takes root. Fall is the best time to overseed, but I overseed in the spring as well if a lawn is in as rough shape as yours. Sometimes we get lucky and the effort pays off.
June/July: Grub/insect control with fertilizer prevents grubs and insects from destroying the work we have done in the spring.
June – August: Spot treat Bermudagrass every three to six weeks depending on the weather pattern and how much it grows. Bermudagrass is very hard to control in one year. We push it out with sustained pressure with a pesticide and aggressive seeding and fertility of the good grass.

End of August/Early September: Early fall fertilizer provides 16+ weeks of slow release nutrition.
*** This is when your lawn MIGHT look good, but if we have a Summer like 2010, we will have lost some ground.
September/October Aeration/Overseeding and Lime will replace all injured plants and rejuvenate the whole yard. This is the most intense project of the year.

— By Halloween your lawn will be rockin’ a brand new look, every lawn responds differently. —

November: Winter fertilizer gives your lawn the “early greenup” and keeps it a step ahead the following year.

Still with me smile

The disruption to using your lawn is minimal. When we use liquid weed control we ask you to keep kids and pets off the lawn while the product dries. After overseeding, it is helpful to not ride bikes and tear up the yard with a game of touch (or tackle) football! Light traffic from kids is totally OK!

The Unlimited Service Plan is the best deal to get your “crazy green” grass. We make our profit by keeping you happy year after year, the first year doesn’t profit us much at all. Seriously. We just feel good about bringing your lawn back from the ashes.
Your Unlimited Service Plan monthly price is calculated by taking the average labor and materials used in a lawn your size annually, and divide by 12. This program gives us the liberty to do the applications WHEN NEEDED and spreads out your cost evenly throughout the calendar year. We never ask for more money to do an extra application. If it needs it, we do it.

Good day,

PS. This is a fictitious e-mail response and any similarities to your lawn is strictly coincidental. No home owners where harmed (long-term) in revealing the truth of the nature of lawn care service. You can trust us with your lawn in Lancaster County.