Here’s How it Works!

The Unlimited Service Plan

The Greenest Grass on this side of the Mississippi.

Grows the best grass in Lancaster County!
We fertilize whenever you need it. If your soil is too acidic, we add lime. If it is compact, we do aeration. If there are weeds, grubs, or unwanted lawn gnomes, we kill ‘em! Kidding about the gnomes, but you get the idea.

All you have to do is cut and water the lawn. For one monthly fee you get everything that is needed! Paul Guarantees it.

Call the office at (717) 283-4530 for a free estimate or request your free estimate online. We take a soil sample, measure your lawn, and mail your quote right away. You do not need to be at home for the on-site visit.

When you sign up a minimum of 5-6 annual visits are scheduled immediately. Each visit includes weed control, plus the fertilizer for that time of year along with any special amendments your lawn might need. Aeration and overseeding are usually scheduled for the Fall . See the frequently asked questions for answers to those questions that would have popped up as you were driving.