Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I begin to see a difference in my lawn when I start a plan?
During the growing season you will begin to see a difference within a week or two after the first application. During a summer drought or over the Winter when the lawn is dormant, you will see the impressive results in early spring or when the rains become to come back in the fall. You can expect a significant change in five months.

Are the materials you use organic?
Some of our materials are organic. Most of them are minerals and synthetics. All of our pesticides are registered with the EPA and MSDS sheets are kept on file both in the office and on the vehicle transporting it. We favor positive long term impact to the environment over instant gratification.

What happens if I cancel the Unlimited Service Plan and want to get back on it?
If you cancel, your billing stops and lawn service ends. If you decide to start up in the future we simply treat it as a new sign up and re quote.

What is your political affiliation?
Say what! We support any organization that values human life and alleviates suffering. Frankly we’re more into running races than running for office or helping someone who is.

What is your religious affiliation?
See political affiliation. Once Amish, always Amish… Don’t confuse our culture with our religion, we have a hard enough time keeping it straight ourselves!