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Welcome to Our World!

You put a smile on our face each time you visit our site. Really, it’s as though you walk into our life and take a look around, and frankly we are flattered to have you. Our world is about grass, lush, green wiggle your toes in the lawn kinda grass. It is not rocket science so if you want to learn how to nurture grass for yourself we will teach you. You can hire us to do the full nine yards, invite us out to get a little coaching, or simply watch and learn!

Good to Have You Here

Evan though Wisegrass is a business, I believe that we can share a ton of what I know for free, and that if you need more you will be willing to pay for the extra lift.
We believe that attention these days is the most precious resource. We are not going to waste your attention and hope that you will be entertained and leave with at least a nugget of helpful information!

We Keep Discovering

Organic lawn care has been on our minds for a long time and last year we used HumicDG with excellent results as a soil conditioner. One lawn in Lebanon had a thatch problem that we struggled with for years. With just one application of HumicDG the thatch disintegrated from a choking 3/4″ thick mat to a gentle 1/8″, it actually did better then 3 years of core aeration and de-thatching combined. Makes me wonder if core aeration is as good as it’s bragged up to be!  At any rate, we are always looking for that next advancement, it’s part of our story.