Our Story

Brielle and Soren on Easter Sunday 2007

Dad always said

“This economy can’t last forever.” 
I was getting weary – maybe bored – of busting our chops seeding new lawns nine frenzied months of the year. Over the years we tried lots of things to fill in the rainy days and winter layoff period.

One rainy day

I visited Lesco and asked Neil for a list of products to begin an annual lawn care program. We had been installing new lawns for years, why not take care of them? We already had a push spreader and just needed some guidance with products and technical lingo.

I delivered our first lawn care service

on November 20, 2003, for $47.58. Two buddies, a couple of their parents, and three of my wife’s uncles agreed to be guinea pigs for the new lawn care program. Mom-in-law Riehl and Gramma Blank signed up too. Over the Winter I got my pesticide certification and renewed our business license. This was the year of the useless wood shop.

Soren doing his morning chores.

The next year lawn care tripled,

the following year doubled, then in 2007 and 2008 things leveled off a bit. I’m not sure when it snuck up on me but one day I realized how much I enjoyed taking care of lawns! The lawns perked earlier in the Spring, bounced back from drought, and stayed green longer each winter. Lawn care was a nice break from the thankless lawn seeding routine as sub contractors. In 2007, Dad’s broken record turned out to be not so broken after all. Lawn seeding sales began to tumble secondary to the hit on new home sales. The following year was no better. In the Summer of 2008, we pulled the trigger and sold all the new lawn seeding equipment.

There is less activity around here and I miss the day-to-day interaction with the guys and the buzz of keeping everyone happy and involved. But it does give us time to do a better job with lawn care and enjoy the relationships with our guests. I feel like we are now more free to be who we are.


Paul Stoltzfus ~Wisegrass Owner

The WildChildz