Our Comfy Office

And The Useless Wood Shop

Building the office space

Over the Winter of 2003/2004 I decided to build an office in the attic of my barn and construct a woodshop on the ground floor. It kept the guys busy over the winter and I figured the woodshop would be great revenue over the winter.

They moved a few walls, ripped out the rickety steps to the attic, built a stairway on the outside gable, plastered the walls and ceiling with vapor board, built great workbenches with storage, ran heavy duty power to each workstation, pulled network cable for the computers and telephone system, and setup all the wood shop equipment. There is a router, chop saw, table saw, belt sander, planer, jointer, and dust collection system. The dream wood shop, perfect to build clocks.

Cozy Office

Cozy Office

Spring thaw hit early and lawn seeding was under way before a single clock was cut.

Marlena and I fitted the office with computers, printers, desks, file cabinets, and comfy couches. All we need is a kitchen and bathroom. Oh yes, we have office chairs too.  The cove fits us like toe socks.

The woodshop? Well… that first Rockler clock kit is still in the shipping box.

the Useless Woodshop