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What Happened to Lawns With the Wet Summer?

Paul explains the conditions that promoted disease in lawns

and the best way to get your lawn back on track!



The Unlimited Service Plan will continue with:

  • Sept, fertilizer with HumicDG and spot treat weeds
  • Oct – early Nov,  aerate and overseed with TurfType Tall Fescue plus add SoluCal as recommended by the soil test
  • Nov, winter fertilizer and spot treat weeds

*This is the outline of the fall schedule and every year turns out slightly different depending how the weather cooperates! For example, if the aeration and overseeding happens to go into November, we apply the winter fertilizer on the same visit.

How High Should You Cut Your Grass?

Paul talks about why the height is important

and some ideas on how to make sure your mower is set at the right height.

The three most important things when cutting your grass:

  • Cut your grass at 3.50 to 4.20 inches
  • Cut with super sharp blads
  • Cut when it hits the threshold, ie if you are cutting at 4 inches, cut the grass when the grass is 6 inches tall or before
    • Never cut more then 1/3 of the blade at once. If you get back from vacation and haven’t cut in awhile set the mower up higher and cut one day and then wait a day or so to cut again at the regular height.
Have a great weekend and

Get High On Your Grass!

Spring is Wacked

It has been erroneously reported that today is the first day of Spring!  

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Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge is the most challenging summer weed to deal with. I generally begin treating yellow nutsedge 2-3 weeks after first seeing it and then repeat the control every 3 weeks till the growth slows down. The goal is to control it before it goes into seed heads!  

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Paul is Shaving His Head for Cancer Support!

  I am excited to tell you that our friend, Stacey Steffes of Envy Studio, is a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year campaign. I am asking today for your support. In celebration of her journey, I will be shaving my head – yup you heard that […]

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1st Day of Spring!

Will Old Man Winter ever leave us??? First Day of Spring! Happy Spring! Rake the gravel and debris out of your lawn before it starts growing and hiding it. Spread gypsum or a gypsum/lime blend along the edges of your driveway where salt may have accumulated over the winter. Train Consistently, go for a run […]

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A Season in the Wrong Place

A Plant in the Wrong Place is called a weed! What do you call this?

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Crabgrass Control – Too Late?

Springtime is always the highlight of my year! Even though I am busy beyond comfort, I love the energy of new growth and experiencing the emergence from Winter dormancy. This Spring has been the coldest that I remember and all the usual deadlines are pretty much out the window when it comes to crabgrass control […]

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Happy Easter!

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Sloppy Wet Kiss

Who is responsible for the snow madness this morning? Sloppy Wet Kiss   “Sloppy Wet Kiss” idea originates (at 4:01): Spring is on the way. I Promise. “Anybody not ready, holler ‘I’ !”

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