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Paul is Shaving His Head for Cancer Support!



LLS-Man-and-woman-of-the-yearI am excited to tell you that our friend, Stacey Steffes of Envy Studio, is a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year campaign. I am asking today for your support. In celebration of her journey, I will be shaving my head – yup you heard that right – and raising life-saving funds as a representation of what blood cancer patients must endure.

Go to www.LetsRockCancerPa.org to learn what all the S(H)avee fuss is all about. It is pretty cool! Including a silent auction, s(h)avee reveal and runway show.

Will you join us and support Stacey and the LLS campaign?

Cancer is cancer – and it sucks – so when this opportunity came to support a great cause we were on board immediately! Cancer and its whirlwind of pain and fear became personal to our family last spring when my wife Marlena’s Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The news hit us like a freight train. He is on chemo and somewhat stable at this point. We have a front row seat to his pain and know first hand what it feels like to be out of control and not knowing what the next bit of news will bring. But the thing that does encourage both ourselves, and most importantly Dad, on this journey is the support of our friends and family. Support has come from places we never imagined and we are grateful beyond words and humbled to accept your love.

Paul will be shaving his head on April 21st and be part of the S(H)avee Reveal

Paul will be shaving his head on April 21st

Back to LLS and our friend Stacey’s campaign. You can help:

  • Donate $10, $50, $100 or more! online at www.Stacey2014.com .
  • Buy Tickets and attend the Let’s Rock Cancer Event on April 21stwww.LetsRockCancerPa.org at the Pressroom Restaurant, Lancaster, PA.
  • Hug someone you know who has a friend or family member struggling with cancer!

Paul & Marlena Stoltzfus
and kids: 
Brielle, Soren, Tal, & Ari Hart


PS. A few weeks ago I caught up with Stacey to get a feel for what her event is and how I could help and took this short video.
(forgive us for the iPhone quality video)

1st Day of Spring!


Will Old Man Winter ever leave us???

First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring!

  1. Rake the gravel and debris out of your lawn before it starts growing and hiding it.
  2. Spread gypsum or a gypsum/lime blend along the edges of your driveway where salt may have accumulated over the winter.
  3. Train Consistently, go for a run every day!

NEW! HumicDG is the silver bullet in Lancaster lawn care. Stay tuned for more…

A Season in the Wrong Place


A Plant in the Wrong Place is called a weed! What do you call this?

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Crabgrass Control – Too Late?


Springtime is always the highlight of my year! Even though I am busy beyond comfort, I love the energy of new growth and experiencing the emergence from Winter dormancy. This Spring has been the coldest that I remember and all the usual deadlines are pretty much out the window when it comes to crabgrass control […]

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Happy Easter!

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Sloppy Wet Kiss


Who is responsible for the snow madness this morning? Sloppy Wet Kiss   “Sloppy Wet Kiss” idea originates (at 4:01): Spring is on the way. I Promise. “Anybody not ready, holler ‘I’ !”

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Ari Hart Stoltzfus – Welcome!

Ari Hart

Say Hello To the cuddliest addition to our Stoltzfus Family! Ari Hart Stoltzfus Born on February 2nd, 2013! 8lb. 0oz. Ari is usually spelled with an “e” in the Amish culture but we decided to drop the “e” for fun. So yes, it is pronounced like an “airy”  day. Hart means “fast runner” with a Native […]

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Merry Christmas!

2012 Stoltzfus Family Pic

Thank you Beth Cardwell for an awesome photo shoot! We couldn’t be happier.

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What is Your Lawn Doing?


Grass isn’t doing a whole lot this time of year – at least not on top. The grass is just trying to protect itself from drying out so it slowly went dormant around New Year’s day. Hopefully you spread winterizer fertilizer late last fall. I got to talk to someone at the Eastern PA Turf […]

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What Can I Expect in Five Months?

In five months school will be starting and your lawn could be making you sick, especially if you spent $500 on it already – even if you spent $500 with WiseGrass. Lawns are living organisms – a whole village of organisms. We are asking them to be perfectly green year-round after being cut down every time they […]

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