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Ari Hart Stoltzfus – Welcome!

Ari Hart

Say Hello To the cuddliest addition to our Stoltzfus Family! Ari Hart Stoltzfus Born on February 2nd, 2013! 8lb. 0oz. Ari is usually spelled with an “e” in the Amish culture but we decided to drop the “e” for fun. So yes, it is pronounced like an “airy”  day. Hart means “fast runner” with a Native […]

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Merry Christmas!

2012 Stoltzfus Family Pic

Thank you Beth Cardwell for an awesome photo shoot! We couldn’t be happier.

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What is Your Lawn Doing?


Grass isn’t doing a whole lot this time of year – at least not on top. The grass is just trying to protect itself from drying out so it slowly went dormant around New Year’s day. Hopefully you spread winterizer fertilizer late last fall. I got to talk to someone at the Eastern PA Turf […]

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What Can I Expect in Five Months?

In five months school will be starting and your lawn could be making you sick, especially if you spent $500 on it already – even if you spent $500 with WiseGrass. Lawns are living organisms – a whole village of organisms. We are asking them to be perfectly green year-round after being cut down every time they […]

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Don’t Shut Your Lawn Off At Night

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Is it Too Late to Overseed this Fall? Probably


“How late can I over seed this fall?” (this is not a recording!) October 15’th is the end of the prime. From there it tails down to about mid-November. In the middle time the seed might germinate and then crap out over the winter. After Thanksgiving it might be better to do a dormant seeding. The […]

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Aerate and Overseed Sept 1 – Oct 31


Aeration and Overseeding is the final operation to take back your lawn after you have prepped the battlefield. “As great as last year was for grass-growing, this year has been horrendous.” – Nancy Bosold, Penn State extension office Berk’s county. She wrote an excellent article addressing this summer’s issues. I have my 3-punch KO theory on what really happened to […]

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The WiseGrass Kids!


Creating these videos brings the best out of our WildChildz. And sometimes the worst in their Daddy. The Lads kept interrupting me during this shoot. I tried six times to get through the dialog and each time they pulled some stunt that compelled yet an other take. Finally I gave up and joined ‘em. The […]

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Prep the Battlefield


3 Steps to take back your lawn. So our lawns are looking a little shabby right now and we haven’t gotten a lot of rain this fall yet. What can we do to take back our lawns so that we can look like last year? I’ve got basically three things I have been doing to […]

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Reeling From The 3-Punch Knock Out


What REALLY happened to lawns this summer? “As great as last year was for grass-growing, this year has been horrendous,” Nancy Bosold from the Penn State extension office in Berk’s county wrote an excellent article addressing this summer’s issues. Nancy includes a handful of painful lawn photos. She continues, “I can’t tell you how many times […]

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