Save Time, Money, and Stress

The Unlimited Service Plan

Grows the best grass in Lancaster County!

It cuts to the core of who we are, and does all the under-the-hood work for you.

We fertilize whenever you need it. If your soil is too acidic, we add lime. If it is compact, we do aeration. If there are weeds, grubs, or unwanted lawn gnomes, we kill ‘em! Kidding about the gnomes, but you get the idea.

All you have to do is cut your grass nice and high to promote deeeeeep roots and water the lawn if needed. For one monthly fee you get everything that is needed! Paul Guarantees it.

Call the office at (717) 283-4530 for a free estimate or request your free estimate online. We take a soil sample, measure your lawn, and mail your quote right away. You do not need to be at home for the on-site visit.

We can help you DIY

You know how much time it takes to figure out what all you need, drive out and pick everything up, and then cross your fingers and hope your neighbors aren’t watching you struggle to figure out what setting to use on your spreader. How much is your time worth? …And sanity.

If you simply enjoy working on your lawn, by all means, keep up the good work! One can experience great pride in doing manual labor, especially when you see the fruit of your labor. I’m a fan and we are putting together a program where we will drop off the fertilizer and tell you how much to put down.

One last thing…

You cannot change the world or protect yourself from other people’s bad choices but you can do your part to make good choices and care for your slice of earth, your neighborhood, our community. At Wisegrass we are all about being great stewards and not sabotaging ourselves with instant gratification. No, our applications are not 100% organic (to be or not to be organic may not be the better question…) ; however we use an ecological approach with the main goal of significantly reducing or eliminating the use of toxic pesticides.  We have small kids and we will never use a product that is unsafe for our lawn or yours.

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